The Unforgettable Dining Show in Dubai | Play Restaurant & Lounge

Restaurants | by Elena de Leon

Play Restaurant & Lounge

Play Live Restaurant has created an environment of effortless indulgence combined with majestic refined live entertainment. A sanctuary for everybody who approaches life in a very playful way. The new PLAY LIVE concept has been carefully curated to redefine the world of fine dining and entertainment, allowing guests to relax, socialize, and celebrate within the most elegant environment that stimulates the senses. By re-writing the principles of dining. Play Live embodies a brand new approach to feeding the soul also as the body, creating unforgettable emotional experiences around the world.

Everything in the place speaks elegance and luxurious but very comfy perfect for any kind of celebration with your family and friends. They have an amazing interior design that is really planned. It feels like you are in one of the movies in hollywood. The seats and table are very comfy. The lighting in the bar counter is beautiful, same goes with other lights in the lounge.

Diners will uncover a burst of unexpected flavors where Mediterranean and Asian combine to make their unique cuisine they call “Mediterrasian”. 

Their menu is amazing and magnificent, they serve a lot of delicious food you can enjoy with your family and friends. Here are some of their dishes you must try when you visit them.

The restaurant is serving varieties of delicious sushi, a platter of 3 kinds of sashimi and 6 kinds of nigiri. They also serve light snacks for someone who only wants to drink. They offer starter foods before having your main dishes. If you are a fan of raw foods you can try their raw bar. They also have different options for salads. If you are a vegetarian you have a special section in their menu called eat your veggies and down to their amazing main courses. Everything is tasty and cooked just the way you want it to be.

The dishes are presented on your plate nicely and delectable. You will be salivating upon seeing the food as they plate it and cook it and wait until you taste the food as it is mouth watering. It is very delicious and tasty.

Be amazed with their 2 kinds of set menu as you will enjoy everything of the dishes that are optioned with the set menu. Some of it is chef selection so expect a very delectable food to be served at your table.

It's a night for mingling or time alone there with a special someone, a magnetic quality envelopes Play's relaxed, yet lively lounge bar. Presenting mixology concepts to curate cocktails rooted in handmade recipes with elaborate garnishes and special made elements to make sure that guests have a very intimate experience as they sip on one among their creations.

Visit them at Floor 36, The H Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road, Trade Centre Area, Dubai, UAE. They are open from 7:00 PM till 3:00 AM.




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