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A very Luxurious Cafe

Paul’s Bakery was established in the year of 1889 by the Mayot Family from France. In 1985 PAUL established its first bakery outside France,which is in Barcelona. It is the beginning of international development. Two years later, some bakeries branches incorporated a cafe area and or a restaurant. In 2003, PAUL Bakery & Restaurant tried to open a branch in Kuwait, opening their 1st branch in Marina Mall. Azadea was proud to be the one to introduce the French concept of “Art de vivre” to the region. The success of PAUL in Kuwait led Azadea to expand into UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Jordan, Egypt, Oman and KSA.

Paul’s Bakery is one of the best cafe-bakings that you can visit here in UAE. They serve the freshly baked breads - and it is enticing and delicious bread. Apart from that they are also serving cakes and cupcakes that you will surely love.

Apart from their breads and cakes that are well-known - they are serving delicious food too in their menu. Let’s talk about their breakfast menu. These breakfast foods are the perfect food to start your day. Eating delicious food can make your morning extraordinary. It helps you work efficiently. They are serving omelettes, sandwiches, croissants, notre petit déjeuner spécial. You must try the new additional option in sandwiches which is the smoked eggplant avocado tartine which is made of smoked grilled eggplant, avocado, fresh tomato slices on tartine bread, pine nuts, sesame, pomegranate sauce and a side salad. Also, try their traditional bread bowl - filled with a mixture of homemade tomato sauce, green pepper, onion and sesame topped with sunny side up egg serve with a sauteed baby potato on the side. 

Aside from the breakfast menu they make sure that they have a separated menu for their main foods. They have a huge selection of soups, salads, entrées, sandwiches froids, sandwiches chauds, quiches, tartines, pâtes, plats principaux and their signature desserts.They also offer vegan foods for vegetarians. 

You must try their mushroom crusted beef fillet that is made of grilled beef tenderloin topped with crusted gratin mushrooms, sauteed veggies served with sweet potato fries and your choice of homemade sauce. From the selection of desserts you can try their moelleux chocolate & strawberry that is made of chocolate moelleux topped with paul special hazelnut chocolate spread, fresh strawberry and melted marshmallow perfect while sipping your coffee or tea.

Paul’s Bakery has the most elegant cafe - from their furniture and designs. They have mixed the color of black and gold that made them standout and to look more luxurious. They have comfy chairs and tables for their guests. Upon visiting them you will feel like you are visiting one of the cafes located in France. Apart from the food that is authentic and very delicious - it really speaks luxurious.

Their service is superb - they have the most friendly and approachable staff that you could wish for. They will help you in anything that you want with a smile on their faces. 

They have seven (7) branches here in Dubai that you can visit. 1 in the ground floor of Dubai Mall, 1 in festival city, 1 in deira city center, 1 in wafi mall, 1 in City Centre Me'aisem, 1 in Mercato Shopping Mall and 1 in Dubai international terminal 2. Timings will vary from the location of the cafe.





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