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Kismath Restaurant & Grill

Kismath Restaurant & grill, the perfect destiny of mouth watering Malabar eatery in Abu Dhabi with Delicious Chinese and grills flavors.

There are two variants of non-vegetarian cuisine in Kerala: Malabar cuisine, which is from North Kerala, and Syrian-Christian cuisine which is from the South (Travancore and Kochi regions). The two are clearly distinct: Malabar has Mughlai-Arab, Portuguese, British, Dutch, Jewish and French influences and also the latter includes a mixture of Kerala traditional dishes rich in coconut, likewise as various recipes of Syrian, Dutch, Portuguese and British origin. Most dishes of Malabar cuisine, including Thalassery biryani, involve frying in ghee.

The restaurant is a very simple place to visit but they serve the best food if you are looking for Malabar dishes. Apart from that they also serve chinese food as an option from their menu. 

It is like the other indian restaurant that you can find here in UAE but the place is thoroughly clean for the safety of everyone. They also have comfy seats and tables to dine in. They also serve the food generously and beautifully.

Here are some of the must try dishes in their menu with very affordable prices. They serve a live grill of different kinds of flavors of chicken and fish. They have Veg Curry dishes for vegetarians and also special seafood which is tagged as seasonal. It will depend if it is available in the restaurant, as the ingredients that they used are all fresh. They also offer a lot of options for rice and noodles - you must try the kismath fried rice. 

Apart from that they also serve varieties of Burgers, Sandwich clubs and Sandwich paratha. Everything in their restaurant is very tasty and delicious, especially their starter foods, soups and main courses which you can have an option from indian chicken and chinese chicken - you wouldn’t want to miss their delicious beef and mutton.

And since we all love to eat breakfast - they also serve the best option of breakfast menu. Sometimes they also offer buffet and sharing foods perfect for your family and friends. 

The staff and service are all superb. Staff are very friendly and approachable. They will serve your order as fast as they can so you wouldn’t wait for so long. It is an ideal place whenever you want to eat great foods.

Visit them in their 2 branches in Abu Dhabi. First branch is located behind Khalidiya Mall in Abu Dhabi and their second branch is located behind FAB, Salam Street, Abu dhabi. They are open from 6:00 AM till 12:00 AM. 

Kismath Restaurant & Grill is where the flavors inspire you!





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